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A part of the upcoming Faire and need something special for your garb? Want to feel a part of the crew? Or just want to get someone an extra gift for being so amazing? Choose your own finesse or favorite saying, then wear them with pride. Collect them all!

Personalize them if you want! They can also be personalized for events, weddings, theme parties too!

Please make sure to check back often as we will be constantly adding new sayings.

If you want to buy four pins for $20 please message the shop directly and we’ll get a listing just for you setup right away!

Current sayings:
Got Mead?
I’m not mean You’re just a sissy
A.D.O.S Attention Deficit Oh Shiny
This one time… At Ren Faire…
My death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time
What’s in YOUR flask?
Dungeon Bait
My mother is heavily armed
My father is heavily armed
I aim to misbehave
Why is the rum always gone?
As you wish

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